Rear view of vehicle parked in garage for winter

Make sure you do these when you store your car for winter!

Winter Storage Checklist for Your Vehicle 

Winter is a daunting season for many models, as try as they might, most vehicles today are ill-equipped to handle the snowy and generally gross conditions that Vermont offers when the weather gets colder. So, if you have a seasonal vehicle that you need to put away once December hits, we want to help you out. Our Poulin Auto Sales team has put together a Winter Storage Checklist for Your Vehicle, so you know what you have to do beforehand! 

Hand adding coolant to vehicle tank

Store it in a Dry Place 

Leaving your model exposed to light or humidity over time can eventually lead to paints bleaching and metals corroding, so to remedy this, ensure that you have your car stored in a dry, dark environment. In most cases, a garage should do the trick.  

Replace Fluids and Charge Battery 

Cold weather is prone to wreak havoc on your vehicle if the components making it up are older and deteriorating. To ensure that you’ll be ready to roll once it heats up in spring, replace the oil, coolant, and battery. This way, it’ll be safely stored with the best new parts. 

Tire chocked inside garage

Add Fuel Stabilizer to Your Tank 

Did you know that, without driving, gas can go bad in about 30 days? That’s not ideal, so make sure you hit up an auto parts store soon to get some fuel stabilizer. It’ll help increase the longevity of the gas that’s already in your tank.  

Fill Your Tires and Chock Them

Cold weather can also speed up the deflation process of your tires, so you’ll want to routinely go in with an air compressor and fill them back up. Also, if your vehicle is outfitted with a manual transmission, be sure to chock your tires or prop them up. Emergency brakes are not permanent, and if they wear out when your model is not in use, trouble isn’t far behind.  

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Test drive a winter-ready vehicle at Poulin Auto Sales in Barre VT 

Here on our lot, we have plenty of well-built SUVs and trucks that are happy to accompany you during winter journeys. Give our Poulin Auto Sales team a call today to get behind the wheel – we’re happy to help you find the right vehicle for your needs!