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When to Say Goodbye to an Old Car

As Vermont’s leader in used car sales, we’ll often see drivers who have reached a critical point with their current vehicles. They are frustrated, and they’re thinking about making a change. Yet, they’ll often feel a loyalty to the car that they’re driving, and don’t yet feel comfortable pulling the trigger. So, when should you say goodbye to your old car?

When To Say Goodbye to an Old Car

When the Engine is Going Out

The engine is obviously the heart of your vehicle, and it can often reward regular service with 200,000 miles or more. Yet, once it makes the decision to give you trouble, it will often be the beginning of the end. There will be eventual smoking, clunking, or worse, and it won’t stop until you’ve given more of your pocketbook’s contents than you’re probably comfortable with.

Used Cars South Burlington VTWhen Repairs Become Too Pricey

Auto repairs will sometimes have a way of adding up, and this is often when drivers become fed up with their vehicle. They’ll take their car for an oil change, but then be given a recommended service sheet with other fixes that push the cost past what they’re willing to pay. When it seems like the fixes are truly piling up, it might be time to make a change.

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When Your Car Becomes an Embarrassment

If an old car is allowed to become enough of a liability, it might eventually become actually embarrassing to drive. It squeaks and squeals loudly, and at this point, it’s probably also somewhat unsafe to drive. If your car has become an eyesore who robs you of your own piece of mind, a less-than-fond farewell might be in your future.

When the Tech Features in Your Car Becomes Obsolete

Do you like to stream music? Or use your phone hands-free in your car? Or access turn-by-turn navigation? If you’re a techhead, you might wish that your car had some of the modern conveniences that other cars have. To find them, you many need to look at our used inventory at Poulin Auto Sales.

Oh, did we say that out loud? If any of these criteria above apply to your current automobile, then a visit to Poulin Auto Sales, with locations in both South Burlington and Barre, VT, is in order!

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