When Should I Refill My Vehicle’s Fuel Tank?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Wednesday, May 29th, 2019 at 2:27 pm
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When to Fill the Fuel Tank in Your Vehicle

When you buy a used vehicle from Poulin Auto Sales, you hope that it runs well for a very long time. You depend on your vehicle nearly every day, from the daily work commute to weekend getaways. The best way to keep your vehicle dependable and to prevent unnecessary damage is by knowing when to refill the fuel tank.

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The Prime Time to Refill

Man pushing his carWe highly recommend refilling your tank once you reach the quarter-tank mark. Even though you might think that you can drive for a while on that remaining quarter tank, your fuel gauge may not be accurate, and it always seems like that final bit of fuel goes down fast. Plus, you never want to get yourself stuck in an inconvenience scenario, such as a traffic jam or a snowbank with less than a quarter tank.

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Don’t Let a 10 Minute and $40 Inconvenience Turn into a Longer and More Expensive One!

We all have plenty of excuses to not stop at the gas station: we are running late, the gas station is in an inconvenient location, we are waiting for the price to go down, we have temperature sensitive groceries to get home, it’s too cold, etc. But in all seriousness, you are much better off taking the few extra minutes and $40 to fill up your quarter tank to full now rather than run on fumes or completely run out of gas at an even more inconvenient time. Between the tow truck and possible engine repairs that come with running on a low or empty fuel tank, you could be paying thousands of dollars. And those repairs take time, which will create even more inconveniences in your life when you don’t have your vehicle.

Happy Driving!

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