Vegan Dinner Table

Dine at the Best Vegan Food Joints in the Barre, VT, Region!

What are the Best Vegan Restaurants in Barre, VT?  

If you are a vegan, finding a restaurant that serves the kind of food you like can sometimes be challenging. However, as a resident of Barre, VT, or its surrounding area, you have quite a few great food joints that you can visit. Poulin Auto Sales has this blog post that tells you about the top three vegan restaurants in town. Give it a quick read to learn more!  

Revolution Kitchen  

Vietnamese Salad Rolls, Pad Thai, Lacinato Kale Salad, and many other delectable food items are on the menu at this fantastic restaurant. The establishment has a trendy and classy atmosphere and accepts credit cards, so you can order as much food as you like and worry about the bill later.   

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Stone’s Throw  

Want to taste vegan cheese and gluten-free food? Stone’s Throw is one such place that you need to visit. Apart from delectable food items, you can also have tasty beverages served by our friendly staff. The place accepts credit cards, so do not hesitate to go overboard with your orders.   

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Zabby and Elf’s Stone Soup  

Have you ever had cauliflower chip pea curry? If not, you have to swing by this fantastic restaurant. The place also serves various kinds of soup and other delicious food items that are lip-smacking good. The establishment also has a television, so you can munch on your tasty meal while cheering for your favorite team!  

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Well, that’s it from our end. We hope that you enjoyed reading about these outstanding vegan restaurants. Now all you need to do is gather a few friends, get into your car, and swing by one of these food joints in the coming days for an unforgettable dining experience.