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How Often Should You Get a Transmission Flush Service?

Transmission Flush Service in Barre, VT 

Your heart pumps blood so oxygen and nutrients are delivered to all body parts to keep them functioning properly. When blood enters your heart, it is low in oxygen. However, it sends the blood to the lungs, picking up oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. Your car’s transmission works in a similar manner and is the heart of the vehicle. It forces life into the wheels and keeps your car moving forward.  

But just like your heart needs a healthy flow of blood, your transmission requires a clean and efficient flow of fluid to function. Over time, the transmission fluid becomes contaminated with debris and dirt that can clog the system and cause severe damage. That’s where a transmission flush service comes in—it’s like a detox for your car’s heart! So, where can I get a transmission flush service in Barre, VT, you ask? You can visit the Poulin Auto Sales Service Center. We have a state-of-the-art service department and expert service professionals who perform a range of services for every automotive brand out there. 

How Transmission Flush Service Works 

A transmission flush service is a maintenance procedure that replaces old transmission fluid with new fluid. Once you drop by our service center, our trained technician will lift the vehicle onto a hydraulic lift or place it on jack stands to access the transmission pan and fluid lines. Subsequently, the pan is removed, the old fluid is drained, and the pan is inspected for metal shavings and other debris indicative of internal transmission damage.  

A specialized machine pumps new fluid into the transmission while extracting the old fluid. After the transmission has been thoroughly flushed, the mechanic refills the transmission with the correct amount and type of fluid. Finally, a test drive is conducted to ensure proper shifting and smooth operation of the transmission. 

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Signs That Your Vehicle Needs a Transmission Flush 

You can check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle to understand how often a transmission flush service is needed. Meanwhile, here are some of the common signs that your car may need a transmission flush. 

  • Difficulty shifting gears 
  • Slipping sensation or delay in gear engagement 
  • The burning odor from the vehicle, especially when shifting gears 
  • Red or brownish fluid leaking from your car. 

Schedule a Transmission Flush Service Appointment in Barre, VT! 

A routine transmission flush can help prolong the life of your vehicle’s transmission and save you money on costly repairs. Schedule a transmission flush service at Poulin Auto Sales in Barre, VT, today! 

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