Car covered in snow

How do I prepare my car for the cold?

Tips to Prepare your Vehicle for the Winter 

As the temperature starts to dip down below freezing, it is important to prepare for the winter. In order to maintain your vehicle’s performance, you’re going to need to do some checkups for the cold weather. That is why we’ve come up with some tips to prepare your vehicle for the winter. 

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View of Tire in winter

Fluid Levels 

When people think about whipper fluid, they usually think about cleaning their windshield because of bugs. However, whipper fluid is very effective when getting rid of snow or slush on your windshield as well. Make sure to replace your whipper fluid so you are prepared for whatever winter throws at you.

Tire Pressure 

With plummeting temperatures, your tires are going to be working harder to keep air in them. Remember to fill your tires with air and check them periodically this winter to make sure you are getting the optimum performance from your vehicle.

Fuel Tank 

Ever hear horror stories about people having frozen gasoline in their fuel tanks? Well you’ll need to fill up a little more often to keep that from happening. It is best to keep your fuel tank above halfway full. The lower the amount of gas in the fuel tank, the easier it is for your fuel tank to freeze on the inside.

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There are many ways to prepare yourself and your vehicle for the winter, but these are just a few we think are easy and aren’t a big cost to you. We hope these tips help you prepare your vehicle for the winter and keep your vehicle working safely. If you are looking for a used vehicle this winter, check out our online inventory and schedule a test drive with Poulin Auto Sales today.