How Do I Transport Thanksgiving Dinner in My Vehicle?

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Table set with a Thanksgiving feast

Tips for Transporting a Holiday Meal in a Vehicle

Cooking a Thanksgiving dinner is a lot of work for one person, so many of us contribute to the meal by bringing along one of the dishes. Sounds like a solid plan, right? It might seem like it until we are ready to leave for our hostess’ home and we need to get our food in our vehicle – and try to drive without any spilling. Luckily, we have created a chart that lists the best method of transporting your dish.

Best Way to Transport Your Dish
Turkey, Ham, or Other Large Entrees Wrap the cooked meat and roasting pan in aluminum foil, and then in towels. Place in a laundry basket for easy carrying and to prevent spilling in the vehicle.
Mashed Potatoes Transfer the mashed potatoes to a bowl made of glass, porcelain, or other heat-safe material. If the bowl does not have a coordinating cover, use aluminum foil. Wrap in a towel and you should be good to go.
Green Bean Casserole, Scalloped Corn, Candied Yams, or Other Side Dishes After baking your food in a casserole dish, place it in an insulated casserole carrier. If you don’t have one, wrapping it in towels or an old blanket will be just fine.
Cranberries For homemade cranberry sauce, transport in a closed Tupperware container. For canned variations, just bring the cans with you and open them once you reach your destination.
Rolls Rolls are by far the easiest Thanksgiving staple to transport – all you need to do is place them in an airtight container or large Ziploc bags before you are ready to go!
Pies Once your pies are cooled, we recommend using a pie saver (available through Tupperware or Amazon) for easy transportation. If you don’t have one, saran wrap will be just fine – just watch your fingers so you don’t ruin the crust or filling.

From all of us here at Poulin Auto Sales, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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