Should My Family Share a Couple of Big Suitcases or Each Use Smaller Suitcases for Our Road Trip?

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Tips for Packing for a Road Trip

One of the most stressful things about preparing for a family road trip is packing the suitcase and finding out if everyone’s luggage is going to fit in your vehicle. It seems like whenever people go on a road trip, they each bring along the biggest suitcase from their luggage set, fill it up, and still manage to bring along a couple more bags full of stuff. And when there are multiple people traveling in the same vehicle, the cargo space can become jam-packed and disorganized – and even hinder rear visibility. Before heading out on your next road trip, read these tips to make packing that cargo space easier!

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Tip #1: Let Your Destination Determine What and How Much Gear You Need to Bring

Smiling familyWhere is your destination and how long will you be gone? A weekend away – especially during the summer season – will typically mean lighter clothing, so it may be a better idea for your family to share a large suitcase or two rather than everyone bringing their own suitcase.

Longer road trips or traveling during the colder seasons will require more clothing or thicker fabrics, so it will be better to have everyone use their own suitcase.

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Tip #2: Keep Your Clothing and Toiletry Options as Minimal as Possible

There is the stereotype that women – especially teenage girls – want to bring their entire wardrobe and vanity table with them when they travel. And more often than not, this seems to be true. If this is the way you roll or you have a teenage daughter who packs like this, it is time to do some rethinking. Bring only the absolute minimum amount of clothing needed for the number of days you are traveling, plus one extra outfit in case of an emergency or changing weather. As far as makeup is concerned, keep it minimal as well – or better yet, only bring the necessary items if you have a special occasion.

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Tip #3: Use a Separate Suitcase for Special Occasion Attire

Speaking of special occasions, many of us need to travel in order to attend an event that requires us to dress up. If you and your family are traveling to attend a wedding or other special event, we recommend packing a separate suitcase that holds everyone’s attire. This will mean less chaos in trying to find those spit-shined shoes and fewer wrinkles for your daughter’s favorite dress.

Happy Travels!

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