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How Can I Survive a Road Trip with My Family?

Tips for Getting Along with Your Family on a Road Trip

As much as we love our family, they can get on our nerves once in a while. And when you are in a confined space out on the road, the little annoyances can suddenly feel like a big deal. And after several days, it can take a toll and everyone is trying to not feel resentful. Luckily, we have some tips to help keep the peace.

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Tip #1: Compromise is Key

Compromise is the golden word when it comes to road trips. This includes restaurant choices while on the road or in the destination area, activities to do, music to listen to while in the vehicle, etc.

We recommend that everyone gets a turn to choose the restaurant, activity, or music – or even establish a rotation. And before hitting the road, create some music playlists that contain genres or songs that everyone will like (few things are more annoying than someone who is constantly changing the radio station trying to find something they like).

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Tip #2: Keep Complaining to a Minimum

You might not enjoy everything on your adventure. There might be an activity that your wife is eager to do and you are not thrilled about it. Your son might have chosen a restaurant and your meal was disappointing. You can taste the chlorine in every glass of water you drink at each restaurant. The weather is too hot for your liking. The list goes on and on and on. But complaining is not going to help matters and will only bring everyone else down. Try to stay positive and be glad that you have the opportunity to spend time with your family.

Tip #3: Contribute Money to the Trip

If you are an adult traveling with your parents on a trip, please contribute to the cost. When sharing a hotel room, split the cost. Offer to fill up the gas tank once in a while. And pick up the tab at some of the restaurants. Your parents will really appreciate it and you can prove to them that you are a mature adult.

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Tip $4: Separate the Kids When Needed

Kids are notorious for getting cranky on road trips and having to be in close proximity with their siblings can make things worse. If the backseat bickering becomes unbearable, try to separate the kids if your vehicle has three rows of seats. Another option is to stop at a park or big-box retailer and have each parent take a kid and walk in different areas for a while until everyone calms down.

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