Things to Do on the Weekend in Barre VT

Looking to get out on the town, but don’t know where to start? Even if you’ve lived in the Barre area for a while, it can be tricky to find something fun to do that’s outside of your usual activities. Let us help!

Things to do for cheap or for free in Barre VT

Sometimes the deciding factor for whether or not you’ll be going out to do something is the cost. Though we all wish we could just have fun and never have to worry about the money, for many of us that reality is far away. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do for fun in the Barre area without breaking the bank. Check out this list for some ideas to get you started. It offers a whopping total of 265 things you can do, so we bet you’ll be able to find something appealing. If you’re overwhelmed with choices, a favorite activity of ours is to pack up a tasty lunch and head out to some green space. Park yourself under a tree, take off your shoes, and breathe a little fresh air—it never gets old. You can also check out this list of more obscure places to visit around town if you’re looking to do something accessible but not too crowded. 

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Of course, our absolute favorite thing to do is to check out all of the nifty cars at Poulin Auto Sales. Since we’re a used car dealer, our inventory changes all the time and always has a healthy dose of variety. If you come see us on Tuesday and come back on Saturday (because who could stay away?) you just might see some completely new cars ready to be test driven. And who knows—maybe you’ll find the perfect car for you while you’re here. As an added bonus, you can always check back with our blog for more things to do and useful car information. See you soon!