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Spring Cleaning & Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Keeping your vehicle in great shape requires a little TLC from time to time. Whether that means you bring your vehicle into the shop, or you want to take care of things at home, you can use this checklist to spring clean your car and perform some yearly maintenance. The weather is getting nicer and the flowers are on their way out! Get your car ready for summer with these checklists.  

Spring Maintenance Schedule Checklist

Important Yearly Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Every spring, it’s important to get your car into the shop or the garage for an inspection and maintenance appointment. Instead of letting issues become more severe (an expensive to repair) check out the following parts of your car and get things in great shape for summer.

  • Inspect tire tread (replace if necessary)
  • Inspect fluid levels (transmission, power steering, brakes, antifreeze)
  • Inspect battery and alternator
  • Inspect hoses and belts
  • Replace windshield wiper blades
  • Cover/Repair Paint Chipping/Damage
  • Have tires rotated and aligned
  • Have engine oil and filter changed

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Spring Clean Your Car’s Interior With These 3 Tips


Sprinkle baking soda onto all the fabric surfaces of your vehicle and leave it overnight before vacuuming the interior. Not only will this be easy to clean up, but your car will have neutralized smells, leaving your vehicle interior fresh for spring.


Clean your windows (inside and out) with a water vinegar mixture! Not only will this cleaner leave your windows streak-free, but it is a green cleaner that is chemical-free.  Once you’ve gotten your windows and interior cleaned up, all that’s left is a good old-fashioned car wash for your exterior.


Mix water and vinegar and spray it onto stains. Let this mixture sit for several minutes before you scrub or wipe up the stain. This green method will leave your fabric chemical-free, and will also help to break down the stain, making it easier to remove.

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