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Should I use conventional or synthetic oil for my vehicle?

What oil type is best for my used vehicle from Poulin Auto 

When you buy a pre-owned vehicle, you may not know what type of oil to use at your next oil change. Luckily, there is a simple way to find out, which we will cover below. Keep reading to learn what type of oil you should use in your used vehicle from Poulin Auto.  

What is synthetic oil? 

Synthetic oil is man-made oil. It is created from chemical compounds in an artificial setting. It mimics the properties of regular oil, but it has the advantage of being created with vehicles in mind, which may make it better for your vehicle. Synthetic oil can do well in extreme temperatures because it has been created to do so. This is an advantage because vehicles are often in extreme temperatures since most people do not have a heated and cooled garage.  

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What is regular oil? 

Regular oil is oil that is not man-made. It is also called conventional oil. It is distilled and refined from crude oil, which is a fossil fuel that naturally occurs in the environment. Regular oil breaks down more quickly than synthetic oil, which means that you will need to get your oil changed more frequently. However, the cheaper price of regular oil helps to alleviate the cost of an oil change. The regular oil is much cheaper and needs to be replaced more frequently, which means that the two oils may come out to about the same cost, although this can vary.  

What type of oil should I use in my pre-owned vehicle? 

The type of oil that you should use on your vehicle depends on the manufacturer’s requirements. The owner’s manual of your vehicle will tell you which oil your vehicle requires. It is important to follow your owner’s manual because you may lose warranty coverage if you do not.  

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