Are Teen Drivers Entitled to a New Car from Mom and Dad?

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Should I Give My Teenager a New Car?

Since the 1950s, cars have been a huge part of teen culture. Many remember taking the family car out on the town with friends or even working odd jobs to save up for one of their own. Nowadays, older generations lament that today’s teens are spoiled and entitled. While this is a generalization and certainly not true for all teenagers, it doesn’t help when today’s movies and TV shows portray teenagers driving brand-new luxury cars that were gifts from their parents on their 16th birthday. This can make parents wonder if they should be giving their teen driver a brand-new car when they pass the driving test.

Teen driver wearing a red dressShould My Teenager Be Given a New Car?

In the 21st century, it is almost a necessity for a teenager to have a vehicle to drive themselves to after-school jobs and activities – that certainly helps alleviate some stress for parents. However, a brand-new car – whether it is from a luxury or economic brand – is not a must-have for a teenager. While they might have their license, teenagers are still inexperienced and are at a higher risk of getting into a collision. Besides an injury to your teen or another driver, you would hate to see that brand-new car ruined right away. That is why a used model is a great option!

A car – even a used one – is an expensive item to purchase, so unless if your teen has been saving up their allowance since they were five years old, affording a first vehicle can be a challenge. When you and your teen shop with us here at Poulin Auto Sales, you have a few options to consider:

  • You can pass along your current vehicle to your teenager while upgrading to a different model for yourself (this is one of the most common solutions for families with a teen driver).
  • You can initially pay for the vehicle and then either have your teen pay you back over time or have them be responsible for fuel and insurance.
  • You and your teen can finance that first vehicle through us here at Poulin Auto Sales. This is a great way for your teen to build their credit while getting a great vehicle!

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