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How far can you drive with a spare tire on your car?

Maximum driving distances on different spare tire types 

Getting a flat tire is (obviously) never a good time, but replacing them with a spare is (luckily) a pretty simple fix. Once you have your spare tire on your model, the logical next step is to take it into a dedicated service center to get a new set installed, but what happens if you’re far away from your home dealership?  

Our Poulin Auto Sales wants to help you out by showing you the maximum driving distances on different spare tire types. There are three main variants, each of them good for different situations – check them out below! 

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Spare tire variants and longest driving distances for each type 

Spare Type  Recommended Distance and Speed 
Temporary Spare, a.k.a. “Donut”  Donuts are what you usually picture when you think of a spare tire, as they’re by far the most common. With a donut installed, you can travel up to 70 miles under ideal conditions but be sure to keep your speed under 50 miles per hour. 
Full-Size Spare Tire  Less common but more functional than donuts are full-size spares, commonly seen on larger models like Jeep SUVs. These are good for highway speeds (up to 65-75 miles per hour) and longer distances, but it’s still good to get a fresh set installed – with enough time, any spare will have issues with treads and inflation. 
Run-Flat Spare Tire  Many tire manufacturers today offer run-flat tires, which can drive up to 50 miles after puncture, again at speeds not exceeding 50 mph.  

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Get a new set of tires on your used vehicle at Poulin Auto Sales in Barre VT 

If you ever find yourself in need of a new tire or set of them, we’re happy to get you taken care of. Be sure to give Poulin Auto Sales a call as soon as you can, and we’ll get you in our service bay. From there, you’ll get four fresh tires that can help you dominate any season or condition!