Bad Driving Habits Effect on Car

How Your Driving Habits Wear Out Your Car

Your car is a big investment, and no one enjoys spending more money on repairs and maintenance. Instead of treating your vehicle poorly, check out these 3 bad driving habits you can change to increase the lifespan of your car. Help your vehicle to last as long as possible by driving with the parts and systems in mind.  

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3 Ways to Help Your Car Last Longer

Shift Only When Stopped 

When you’re backing out of your driveway or pulling into a parking spot, it’s important to remember to only shift your vehicle from drive to reverse, or vice-versa, when the vehicle is completely stopped. Shifting while the vehicle is in motion can cause transmission issues very early on, and transmission repair or replacement is expensive.

Go Easy on the Brakes 

Even when you’re stuck in traffic, it’s important to make sure that you’re braking gently when you can. Constant quick acceleration, followed by short stops, will put pressure on both your acceleration and braking systems. Not only does this kill your fuel economy, but it will mean replacing your brakes more frequently.

If you can, try to remember to accelerate and brake smoothly to avoid damaging these systems and to keep your vehicle driving its best.

Avoid Overloading the Suspension 

You might put a heavy trailer on your car, or load the back with a bunch of heavy boxes, and see that your car is capable of driving. However, your vehicle is only built to handle up to a certain amount of weight. Overloading your vehicle (past the maximum stated in your owner’s manual) can result in unnecessary damage to your vehicle’s body and suspension.

Schedule Vehicle Maintenance Barre VT

If you think your vehicle could use a tune-up, or if your poor driving habits have your vehicle running poorly, give us a call. Our experienced sales team would love to get your car back in great shape, and can answer any and all of your questions.

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