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How to Stay Alert While Driving Alone

Whether it’s getting home late from a friend’s or making a trip to see family by yourself, time alone in the car can be a little dull. Staying alert behind the wheel is imperative when you drive, so here are a few tips for how to do just that.

How to stay awake while driving

We’ve all been there—the road seems to be endless and time is at a crawl. Whether it’s a ten-minute drive or a ten-hour one, staying awake and alert is vital. Of course, the best way to ensure this is to plan ahead, get enough sleep, and take long trips with another driver if possible. However, sometimes that isn’t an option or the trip you’re taking is unavoidable and on a day that’s got you wiped out. When that happens, try these ideas to stay engaged and safe. 

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  • Keep it cool: Roll down the windows or blast the AC. As long as you’re not drying out your eyes (which can make it hard to keep them open), getting that cool air flow will help keep you sharp.
  • Crunch away Eat a crunchy snack! Whether it’s an apple, rice cakes, or good old Cheetos, having something to crunch on can help keep your brain running like it should. Plus, it’s tasty!
  • Sing along: Turn on that playlist with the extra bass or listen to the music that you only listen to by yourself and sing or rap your heart out. Bonus points if you sound terrible!

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