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How to Prevent Winter Road Salt Damage to Car Paint

As the cold weather and random snow storms make their way through, the roads can become a slippery and dangerous place to drive. Instead of simply leaving the ice and snow, we put salt down to melt the ice and offer better traction. The bad news is that the same salt that saves lives on busy streets can do some real damage to your vehicle. Check out these easy tips for keeping your car safe from salt damage this winter.  

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4 Ways to Protect Car Paint from Road Salt

Cover Exterior With Wax 

We all know that people who love their cars give them a wax, but it does a lot more than add a nice shine to the exterior. In the winter, wax acts as a second skin that keeps the salt and grime from winter roads from touching your car’s paint. Use a polymer wax as a shield to help your car survive.

Frequent Rinse-Offs 

When you get a few day break from winter storms, take some time to wash all the built-up grime from your vehicle. You can use a pressure sprayer to ensure all the grit is removed. After that, reapply wax to prepare for the next big storm, and drive with confidence knowing your car can handle it.

Use the Right Brushes 

This might seem like common sense, but if you aren’t careful, you can do some real damage to your vehicle’s exterior by using the wrong brush/scraper to remove ice and snow. Make sure that any time you are cleaning the painted surfaces, you are using a softer brush that won’t cause scratches.

Don’t Forget the Undercarriage 

You might have your car’s paint as your number one priority this winter, but the road grime and salt can really erode your vehicle’s undercarriage. Avoid rust and other issues by using your pressure washer to clean around the wheels and underneath your vehicle whenever you rinse off the paint.

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If you’re not sure whether your car needs a deep cleaning, or there are other issues you’re worried about this winter, give us a call or schedule a service appointment online. Our friendly professionals would love to give you a hand and get your car into great shape.