How to fix loud windshield wipers

How to fix loud windshield wipers

Is there anything more irritating than the squeaking noise of a windshield wiper going across the windshield? There are a number of reasons why this might be happening, but we’re going to go over some of the most commons ways you can fix a loud windshield wiper.

Stop your Windshield Wipers from Squeaking

Do you have squeaky windshield wipers? You’re not alone. This problem plagues many drivers as they try to keep their windshield free of specs of water that can limit vision. There are several different reasons why this issue might persist. Take a quick look below to learn about some ways to stop your windshield wipers from squeaking.

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1- The first step is to make sure that the wiper blade is flexible enough for the task. If your blade moves correctly while sweeping in one direction but not the other, this could be the cause of that awful noise. The blade should always flip while moving so that it is trailing the wiper. To fix this, you can try bending back the blade to give it some extra flexibility.

2- The next thing to do is make sure your windshield isn’t too dirty. You’ll want to clean the glass thoroughly. For this, you can try a variety of methods and you might already even have a favorite. One thing that not enough drivers make use of is the window cleaner at gas stations. Otherwise, there is also nothing wrong with using some regular window cleaner.

how to stop your windshield wipers from making noise
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3- Your windshield wiper blades might just be too old. At the very, very least, you should be replacing your blades once a year. However, we recommend doing it around 2-3 times a year instead. It’s best to get a fresh set on before a time of the year when you’ll need them the most.

4- You should also check out your wiper assemblies to make sure they’re in good condition. Over time, these can lose their shape, which doesn’t let the wiper do its job correctly. The blade might be held too loose or not tight enough to the glass, or might even miss it altogether.

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