Cleaning Your Wiper Fluid Nozzles

How to Clean Wiper Fluid Spray Nozzles

It is rare for windshield cleaner fluid nozzles to fail on their own, but dirt and debris from your daily drive can block the spray nozzle and leave you with a dirty windshield when you need to see the road ahead. We’ve got the helpful tips you need to unclog that nozzle and get your spray going the next time things get a little grimy.  

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Maintaining Windshield Wiper Fluid Spray Nozzles

Most vehicles have the nozzles either on the hood of the car, or in the gap between the hood and the windshield, but in either case, the debris can build up. Start the process of cleaning them up by checking for any visible debris like leaves or twigs. Use a tweezers to move anything that is stuck to the nozzle.

Tools for Cleaning Spray Nozzle: 

  • Compressed Air
  • Old Toothbrush
  • Thin Wire
  • Warm Water

Use any of the tools above necessary to remove the debris from the clogged nozzle. Test the wiper fluid spray between each tool you use to see if you’ve got things cleared up.

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Cleaning Wiper Fluid Hoses

Remove the hoses from the coupling. Usually these are black hoses that are connected to make a Y-shape, and you can use a needle-nose pliers to remove them. Clean them out by using the compressed air to blow out debris and then re-attach the hoses and test the sprayer system.

Windshield Fluid Spray Repair Barre VT

If you’re unsure of what is going on with your wiper fluid nozzles or hoses and can’t seem to clean them on your own, consider bringing it in to see us here at Poulin Auto Sales.

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