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How to Clean the Exterior of Your Car

Key Tips for Cleaning the Exterior of Your Car

A car that is not regularly cleaned looks washed out or poorly maintained. It no longer resembles the shiny-looking new car you had bought. If a vehicle goes without a wash for several weeks, a lot of dirt and debris can stick to its surface and ruin its external appeal. It can even cause permanent damage. Do you want to make your car look shiny and brand-new again? Here, in this blog by the Poulin Auto Sales dealership in Barre, VT, we present a few practical tips for cleaning the exterior of your car.

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Clean the Exterior of Your Car Like a Pro

  • You must move your car out of direct sunlight before you wash it. Please keep it in the shade. It will help prevent water from drying and forming spots on your vehicle. The harsh sunlight can even cause streaking while cleaning the windows.
  • Always choose the correct soap for cleaning purposes. Do not use the liquid soap you use at home. It has vital ingredients that can ruin the finish of your car. Using the vehicle washing soap from your local auto parts store is recommended. Do not put anything that can compromise the coat that protects your car’s paint.
  • Avoid using a sponge or an old T-shirt to clean the car. Use a microfiber cloth instead. The abrasive materials present in the sponge could harm your car’s exterior.
  • Do not ignore the windows. Use a window cleaner that is specially developed for auto glass. These products are devoid of harmful chemicals. Otherwise, you can use any ammonia-free glass cleaner solution. These are gentler on your car’s glass surfaces.
  • Also, clean the headlamp areas with auto soap and a microfibre towel. A lot of dust, dirt, and chemicals accumulate in these areas. After cleaning, apply a coat of polish to help protect from the sun.

Follow these tips and make your car look brand-new again.

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