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How to Choose the Right Car for a Young Driver

Whether you are the young driver or you’re one of those wonderful people that buys cars for them, having a place to start your search for that first car is a huge help. Let us recommend a few places to start.

How to pick a car for a young driver

There are a few things to look for when you’re in the market for a young driver’s first car. Namely, most people look for good safety features, reliability, and affordability. Most—if not all—of these boxes are easily checked by brands such as Chevrolet, Toyota, and Ford. Chevrolets and Fords will have a leg up in the affordability category as they’re American-made cars and it will be easy to replace parts should they ever become worn out or damaged. These cars also tend to offer good gas mileage and a variety of options for sedans and SUVs that can suit a wide variety of driving needs. 

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Where can I find an affordable car in South Burlington or Barre VT?

Come see us at Poulin Auto Sales! We have a wide array of cars for you to look at, and offer deals at both our South Burlington and Barre locations that are priced under $10,000—including Chevrolets and Fords. Since we’re a used car dealership, our inventory changes often. This means that what we have on our lot this week might not be there next week, so coming in a few different times can mean that you have more options each time you come to see us. However, the car that you’re interested in might not be in stock the next time you come see us, so be ready to make a decision if you’ve fallen in love with a car.

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Our sales team is here to help. We want to make sure you have a good buying experience and that you’re happy with what you get, and remember—you can always talk to our service center about any car troubles you might have.