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How to change a flat tire on your used vehicle

Especially now in winter weather, flat tires are about to be more and more prevalent. Whether they’re just getting older and unable to adjust to more frigid temperatures, or if you ran over spiky objects in the street, it’s never fun to wake up to a tire that’s out of air. Luckily, if you have a spare, getting a new set on your current model is pretty easy. Here’s how to change a flat tire on your used vehicle – using these steps from our Poulin Auto Sales team, you’ll get back up and rolling in no time!  

Materials and steps needed to change and replace a flat and spare tire 

First things first, make sure that your vehicle is in a safe place, either in your driveway or garage, or on the side of the road. Also, you’ll want to verify that you have a jack, bolt wrench, and (of course) a spare tire that you can put on your car. With this in mind, let’s get started changing your tire: 

  1. Take your jack and prop up your vehicle on the side where your flat is. Make sure you give yourself plenty of ground clearance to work with. 
  2. Find your bolt wrench and unscrew each of the bolts keeping your tire in place. Store them in a safe space and remove your tire from its axle. 
  3. Get your spare tire out of storage and line it up on the axle. Then find your bolts and screw them back on. Be sure everything’s tight! 
  4. Carefully lower your vehicle from its lifted position so that it’s even with the ground; when it’s safe to do so, remove the jack and place it (along with your other materials) in a safe spot in your vehicle. 

Man replacing flat tire inside service bay

Great work! Also, it should go without saying, but spare tires are not meant to be daily drivers – if at all possible, be sure to bring your car into a service center within 30-50 miles of your change.  

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