How to Break Your Speeding Habit

Speeding is an easy habit to fall into as well as one of the most dangerous. Speeding tickets are expensive and with too many your need for speed will go completely unanswered. Don’t lose your license—let us give you a few tips for how to break the habit.

How Can I Break My Speeding Habit?

Habits are easy to form but tricky to break. Breaking a habit is more easily done by trying to introduce new behaviors rather than stopping old ones. With that in mind, give some of these a try to get a handle on your speed.

  • Use your cruise control: Whenever you’re on the highway, use your cruise control. Get used to going the limit, and don’t go over, even by five or seven miles. It’s a slippery slope when you’re a habitual speeder.
  • Read speed limits out loud: Remind yourself what speed you’re supposed to be going and train yourself to look for speed limit signs. It might seem like an odd idea, but it’ll help you pay attention to your speed!
  • Try over-correcting a little: When you can’t use your cruise control, try to go one mile an hour under the speed limit. Again, it might seem a little strange, but it’ll keep you focused on what the limit actually is. Plus, aiming for 29 miles an hour is much less routine than going for something around an even 30.

If you’re driving under the speed limit, you might aggravate some other drivers. Remember that your safety is your primary concern, and breaking your speeding habit is more important than the guy honking behind you. If you’re looking for a car with upgraded safety features and intuitive cruise control, come see us at Poulin Auto Sales. We’re happy to show you our inventory and get you behind the wheel for a test drive. Drive safe!