Mechanic handling a car battery

When Do I Need to Replace My Vehicle’s Battery?

How Long Does a Vehicle Battery Last?

Most of us can probably say that we experienced going out to our vehicle in the dead of winter with frigid temperatures, eager to get where we want/need to go…and discover that the battery is dead. This is always a huge inconvenience and it seems to happen at the worst possible time. You also start to ask yourself when was the last time that you changed your vehicle’s battery. Let us explain how long a vehicle’s battery will typically last so that you can avoid this inconvenience in the future.

Conventional Vehicle’s Battery Lifespan

Mechanic testing a car batteryIf you drive a conventional vehicle (gas or diesel-powered, non-hybrid), the lifespan of the battery can range from two to five years. That is a wide lifespan range, so finding a true expiration date can be a challenge. Your vehicle’s battery will typically last longer when you:

  • Live in a cooler climate (although extremely cold temperatures can deplete your battery’s juice)
  • Don’t leave your headlights or interior lights on when you exit your vehicle
  • Don’t constantly charge your phone and other electronics in your vehicle
  • Give your vehicle regular maintenance

How Long Does a Hybrid Vehicle’s Battery Last?

If you drive a hybrid, you can expect the battery to work for close to eight years when you regularly maintain your vehicle.

When Should I Check My Vehicle’s Battery?

Once your battery reaches three years of age, we recommend having your battery tested twice a year, ideally in the spring and fall. Here at Poulin Auto Sales, the technicians in our service center are more than happy to test your vehicle’s battery and replace it if necessary. And on top of that, we can properly recycle the old battery to help protect the environment! Please contact our service department today and schedule an appointment!

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