Mechanic inspection brake pads

Signs its time to replace brake pads 

How do I know when my brake pads need changing? 

Brake pads are among the most crucial components when it comes to maintaining automobiles. Since brake pads create friction that helps bring your car to a halt, they must stay in top-notch condition. Not only do healthy brake pads ensure passenger and driver safety, but they also ensure that pedestrians and other vehicles on the road stay safe.  

How do you know when your brake pads need changing? A vehicle’s brakes have three components: brake disc, brake calipers, and brake pads. If any of these components is not functioning properly, it may lead to braking issues. No matter the issue, you can bring your car to Poulin Auto Sales in Barre, VT, for a brake replacement service. 

When to replace the brakes of a car? 

If you notice the following symptoms while driving, it is time to get your brakes checked: 

  • Squeaking or squealing noise coming from the brakes. 
  • Grinding sound while applying brakes. 
  • The car vibrates when brakes are applied. 
  • Your vehicle takes longer to stop after applying brakes. 
  • The brake pad indicator light appears on the dashboard. 
  • The brake pads look thinner than usual. 

Learn more about brake replacement service in Barre, VT 

Get a brake replacement service in Barre, VT 

If you’re unsure whether your vehicle’s brakes need changing or not, you can bring it to our futuristic service department at Poulin Auto Sales. Our dealership’s team of trained technicians will inspect your car to see what services it needs. Alternatively, if you are sure of the issue, you can bring your vehicle directly to us by scheduling a service appointment. No matter what the problem is, we will assist you every step of the way. While you can dial 802-476-8159, you can also visit us at 473 East Barre Road in Barre, VT, for further assistance.