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What to Do When You Encounter a Funeral Procession While on the Road

Funeral Procession Driving Etiquette and Rules in Vermont

On occasion, we may encounter a funeral procession while we are on the road. Although funeral procession rules are typically covered in driver’s education courses, they may not be the first thing you remember – and they can vary by state. Here are a refresher and reminder of funeral procession driving etiquette and rules in the state of Vermont.

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What to Look for When You Encounter a Funeral Procession

Flowers at a funeralObviously, you will most likely spot a hearse at the beginning of the procession, although police escorts may occasionally be in the lead. Funeral lead vehicles will typically use purple or amber-colored flashing lights or brightly colored flags as signals. All vehicles in the procession should have their headlights on.

The Funeral Procession has the Right of Way

The purpose of the funeral procession is to get the departed person and their mourners to and from various locations quickly and efficiently. Many states require that the funeral procession have the right of way, but that is not the case for Vermont. While there is no state law regarding the right of way for funeral processions, it never hurts to be polite and try to allow the procession vehicles to stay together.

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You Do Not Need to Pull Over

We understand that you are trying to be respectful but pulling over is not necessary if you are coming from the opposite direction. In fact, it is more of a hindrance.

What if I am Participating in a Funeral Procession?

Hopefully, you won’t have to do this too often, but if you are participating in a funeral procession, make sure to have your vehicle’s headlights turned on and try your best to follow along. While there is no right of way, the vehicles in a funeral procession are not required to allow sufficient space for non-participating vehicles to enter.

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