Sounds that Signal Car Trouble

Four Sounds that Indicate Car Trouble Ahead

In our experience, we’ve come to think of our cars in much the way we do our own children. When there’s a problem, they might not always tell us, so we instead have to look at the symptoms and signs we’re given. For example, even if no lights or visible cues say so, your car may sometimes make noises to tell you that something’s wrong. So listen up for these four car noises that you shouldn’t ignore.

Four Car Noises that Indicate Car Trouble Ahead

Squealing from the Brakes

Do you hear squealing or squeaking from your brakes at any time? This can be due to a number of different reasons, from an in-brake indicator letting you know that it’s time for an inspection, or if rust has been embedded in a rotor, or if you have drum brakes that need lubrication. In any case, it’s a loud and annoying noise, and not one that should be overlooked.

Brake Repair South Burlington VTGrinding from the Brakes

While squealing often means that your brake pads need repair, there is another potential sound that you ignore at your own peril. Case in point: when your brakes begin to grind. The grinding of brakes means that pads, brake calipers and rotors are being put in positions they aren’t equipped for, and could be on the verge of failing. In this case, you’ll want to swing by one of our many EVS Auto service departments.

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Growling or Grinding from Tires

This is a common problem, and can be caused by a number of different issues. On front-wheel drive cars, it can be anything from a failing CV (constant-velocity) joint, to bearings going bad, to a pebble being lodged in your brake fittings. The thing to remember though, is that grinding noises are always bad. Don’t ignore them.

Squealing from Under the Hood

Squealing from under the hood is usually pretty easy to diagnose, particularly if it’s happening while your car is idling. It probably means that the drive (serpentine) belt needs replacing. After undergoing many thousands of revolutions, the belt will eventually begin to crack and strip, and a loud chirping sound will be produced. Since the drive belt also powers functions such as engine cooling, air conditioning and alternator functionality, it’s a pretty important thing to address.

Are you hearing any of these sounds coming from your car? If so, don’t ignore them. Visit us at Poulin Auto Sales today to schedule a service appointment!

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