car buying mistakes

Common Car-Buying Mistakes

When you’re shopping around for a used car, you’re about to make on of the biggest purchases a person can make. It’s best not to rush into things. You’ve already made the right decision by coming to us: Always choose a used car dealership you can trust. Meet our team. Now we’ll tell you what else to be careful of so you can end up with the right car at the right price.

Don’t make these car-buying mistakes when shopping for a used car in Burlington and Montpelier, VT

Skimping on the research

Spend as much time as you can on our website, researching and comparing models. That’s what it’s here for. We want you to be fully informed and prepared when you come to see us at the dealership for a test drive. So take your time online.

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Focusing too much on the monthly payment

We can make the terms for just about any car in our inventory fit your monthly budget. It’s important to consider the interest rate and the length of the loan to know how much car you can truly afford.

Not knowing the value of your trade-in

Use online tools like the ones available at our website to figure out what your trade-in is worth. If you’re worried that your car might need some minor repairs, don’t sweat it. It’s best to save your money toward the price of the new car. We can fix minor issues with your trade-in.

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Not doing a nice, long test drive

Don’t be nervous about driving a car that doesn’t belong to you. This is your opportunity to test it out in all kinds of conditions. Take the car on the highway and get it up to speed. Try backing it up to check what the visibility is like. You can even make a checklist of your usual driving and parking conditions and mark things off as you go.

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Not getting pre-approved for a car loan

Before you get here, be sure to use our online form for pre-approval of your financing. You’ll know exactly what you can spend on a car and what our best deal on the interest rate is. You can’t beat the convenience of one-stop shopping at our dealership.

Rushing into a purchase

Don’t feel pressured to buy right away. We know our prices seem like the deal of the century, but you do have a right to sleep on it before signing up for this major purchase. Take your time. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

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