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Front three-quarter view of the 2022 Jeep Renegade parked in front of a building

Is it advisable to purchase a used Jeep SUV?

Where Can I Purchase a Used Jeep SUV in Barre, VT?

Are you looking for a capable 4×4 SUV that fits your budget? Head over to Poulin Auto Sales to find a wide range of pre-loved vehicles at affordable prices. Among the lot, consider shortlisting an all-American Jeep SUV that honors an off-roading legacy for decades. Read this blog to learn about the key advantages of purchasing a used Jeep at Poulin Auto Sales in Barre, VT.

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Used Ford Edge Red driving on the road

Buy Reliable Pre-Owned Ford SUVs in Barre, VT

Where can I buy a used Ford SUV in Barre, VT?  

Ford is a world-famous brand renowned for making reliable, powerful, and practical SUVs. Despite the competition, Ford SUVs continue to be a local favorite in Barre, VT. And, if you’re planning to add one to your collection, then we encourage you to consider going for a pre-owned option. A used Ford SUV offers world-class features and great driving dynamics at an affordable price. At Poulin Auto Sales, we have a huge collection of certified and well-tested pre-owned Ford SUVs. Continue reading as we share more info on why you should consider going for a used Ford SUV from our dealership.  

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Side view of the 2022 Mazda CX-5

Where can I buy a used SUV in Barre, VT?

Used SUVs in Barre, VT 

Are you in search of a pre-owned SUV in Barre, VT, that is both reliable and affordable? If so, then visit the Poulin Auto Sales dealership. With a collection of certified used SUVs of different brands and model years and a team of dedicated experts, we offer great-quality SUVs at budget-friendly rates. Continue reading today’s blog as we divulge more details.  

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Rear view of vehicle parked in garage for winter

Make sure you do these when you store your car for winter!

Winter Storage Checklist for Your Vehicle 

Winter is a daunting season for many models, as try as they might, most vehicles today are ill-equipped to handle the snowy and generally gross conditions that Vermont offers when the weather gets colder. So, if you have a seasonal vehicle that you need to put away once December hits, we want to help you out. Our Poulin Auto Sales team has put together a Winter Storage Checklist for Your Vehicle, so you know what you have to do beforehand!  Read the rest of this entry >>

Front/side profile of a Toyota Sequoia SUV

Drive into the Spring Season with a Used SUV!

Used SUVs for Sale Near Barre and Colchester, VT

SUVs are often lauded as the ultimate vehicle for winter driving. While we agree with that statement, we think that SUVs are the ultimate vehicle for springtime driving. That SUV will serve you well for both daily commuting and those spring season road trips. And you can save big when you shop for a used SUV here at Poulin Auto Sales! Read the rest of this entry >>