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Vehicles at a service center

How Often Should You Get Your Vehicle’s Electrical System Serviced?

Factors Affecting Electrical System Service of Your Vehicle

Your vehicle’s electrical system plays a vital role in ensuring your car runs smoothly and safely. But how often should you get it serviced? Read this blog post by our team at Poulin Auto Sales in Barre, VT, and learn more about the factors affecting the electrical system service of your vehicle.

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Technician repairing brake

Where Can You Get Brake Service for Your Vehicle in Barre, VT?

Get Your Vehicle’s Brakes Serviced at Poulin Auto Sales in Barre, VT

When it comes to the safety of your vehicle, there’s one component that should always be in good condition – your brakes. Properly functioning brakes are essential for your safety on the road, and that’s where Poulin Auto Sales in Barre, VT, comes to the rescue. With our exceptional brake service, you can ensure your vehicle’s braking system is in good shape, giving you peace of mind on every journey.

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A mechanic doing a coolant flush service

Where to Get Coolant Flush Service in Barre, Vermont?

Importance of Routine Coolant Flush Service in Barre, Vermont

A coolant flush service involves the removal of old coolant from your car’s radiator and its substitution with fresh antifreeze fluid. It is an important part of maintenance to ensure your vehicle is in good condition for an extended period. Like other parts of your car, the cooling system requires proper upkeep. Typically, four to five gallons of antifreeze are used in this flushing process. Experts advise performing a coolant flush once a year. Experts at Poulin Auto Sales recommend an effective coolant flush at least once a year to ensure your cooling system works effectively. Read this blog for more insights into the importance of a routine coolant flush service in Barre, Vermont.

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Why Is Front-End Alignment Crucial for Your Vehicle?

Top 5 Reasons Why Front-End Alignment Matters for Your Vehicle

Keeping your vehicle in top-notch condition goes beyond maintaining its engine and tires. One crucial aspect often overlooked by car owners is front-end alignment. Proper front-end alignment is vital for the smooth functioning and longevity of your vehicle. Read this blog by our team at Poulin Auto Sales in Barre, VT, and learn about why front-end alignment should be at the top of your maintenance checklist:

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Oil pouring from a can

Where Can I Get My Vehicle’s Oil Changed in Barre, VT?

Importance of getting your vehicle’s oil changed in Barre, VT!

Regular vehicle maintenance is important for ensuring your vehicle’s longevity and optimal performance. One essential aspect of maintenance is getting your vehicle’s oil changed at regular intervals. Neglecting or delaying oil changes can significantly affect your vehicle’s engine and overall performance. In this blog post by Poulin Auto Sales in Barre, VT, we will explore the importance of changing your vehicle’s oil and why it should be a priority on your maintenance checklist.

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Why Is It Essential to Get Your Vehicle’s Tires Rotated?

Learn about the importance of tire rotation!

Regular vehicle maintenance is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and safety. While routine oil changes, brake inspections, and fluid checks are often prioritized, one essential aspect that should be considered is tire rotation service. Tire rotation involves moving the tires from one position to another on the vehicle, promoting even tread wear. This simple yet effective maintenance procedure offers a range of benefits. To learn more about the importance of tire rotation, read this blog by our team at Poulin Auto Sales in Barre, VT.

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mechanic pouring oil

How do you know it’s time to schedule an oil change?

Things to know about an oil change!

Getting your vehicle’s oil changed might not seem like an issue, but it’s a crucial aspect when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Your vehicle needs oil so the parts can move and function efficiently. If you fail to get your vehicle’s oil changed in time, your vehicle’s engine could overheat or, at times, sustain damage. So, it would help if you got a regular oil change for your vehicle from trained professionals. To learn more about oil change service in Barre, VT, keep reading this blog post by the Poulin Auto Sales dealership.

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front quarter view of a used Kia Soul

How Often Do Filters Need to be Changed in Cars?

Filter Replacement in Barre, VT 

If you want your vehicle to keep running like a pro on the road, you must ensure that its filters are working properly. Even if one of the filters is clogged, your vehicle will not perform efficiently. Additionally, it could lead to other problems in your car, including dirty smoke, loss of power, and in some cases, engine failure.

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person wiping dash with cloth

How frequently should you get your tires rotated?

Tire Rotation Service in Barre, VT

Here is a question for all our seasoned drivers- which part of your vehicle suffers the most from wear and tear? Yes, you guessed it- it is the tires. Tires are in complete contact with the road and hence suffer the most wear and tear damage, necessitating frequent replacement. However, tire replacement can be costly, so it is critical to keep an eye on our tires to get the most out of all of them. So, how do you go about doing that? So, keep reading to find out! What’s the difference between tire balancing and tire rotation? How frequently should you get your tires rotated? At Poulin Auto, tire rotation service in Barre, VT!

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Used Mercedes Benz

What to do when you blow out a car tire?

Car tire blowout repair in Barre, VT

A majority of the tire carcasses and rubber shreds that litter American highways are caused by semi-trailer blowouts. Worn tread, under-inflation, potholes, heat, and a slow leak can all raise the danger of a catastrophic tire blowout. Tire blowouts may happen to anyone, whether they are seasoned drivers or brand new to the road. At Poulin Auto Sales, we endeavor to offer our customers all relevant information and ensure that they are prepared for any eventuality. If you’ve ever wondered what to do if your car tire blows out, keep reading to find out. Alternatively, you can schedule a service here at Poulin Auto Sales to get your car tire blow-out repair in Barre, VT!

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