Buying a Towing Vehicle: 7 Features You Need 

When you’re looking for something heavy-duty, or have the family boat or trailer in mind, you’ll want to consider several features.  Not all SUVs are built the same, and not all of them are built to handle towing. Check out this list of 7 important features of a towing vehicle, and consider what type of work you’ll need your SUV to accomplish. Here at Poulin Auto Sales, we work hard to help you find your perfect fit.  

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7 Features Your New SUV Needs

Towing Capacity 

Take a look at the trailer you’ll be towing and make sure that the SUV or truck you are considering has a maximum towing capacity that can handle the weight. Pulling more than the towing capability states puts pressure on your engine, transmission and brakes.

Curb Weight 

The heavier the vehicle, the more confidently it can tow bigger, heavier trailers. While modern trucks and SUVs are lighter and still capable of towing heavier loads, you’ll feel more in control with a heavier option, so keep that in mind.


The longer distance between the front axle to the rear axle, the safer the towing vehicle. With a longer wheelbase, you’ll have more control and less of an issue with weight on the rear axle lifting the front end of the vehicle. Of course, this is taken into account when measuring towing capacity.

Drive System 

Large SUVs and pickups usually come with rear-wheel drive, with the option for four-wheel drive. Smaller SUVs with towing capacity might utilize all-wheel drive, which offers front-wheel drive in normal conditions and switches power to the back wheels if traction is lost.


While a manual transmission used to be the standard for vehicles used for towing, automatic transmissions can offer the advantage of giving you time to focus on the trailer and driving safely. Go with what makes you most comfortable, as it’s most important for you to feel confident and safe.

Chassis Design 

The framework of a full-size SUV or pickup truck provides more structural strength. The “body-on-frame” design is a steel frame that forms the foundation of the vehicle. Smaller SUVs and cars have a unibody design where the stress is put on the body panels and spread throughout different parts, making them less capable of towing heavy loads.

Towing Packages 

Vehicles that come with a tow package usually offers an upgraded suspension and brakes, a larger radiator and more efficient cooling. On top of that, the transmission will send more power to the driving wheels, allowing for more confidence with a heavy load.

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