Planning the Perfect Road Trip

4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Road Trip

As most of us are already aware, road-trip season is upon us. Summers in Vermont are absolutely gorgeous, and since we’ve got auto dealerships in both Barre and South Burlington, we know a thing or two about making the most of it. That said, we’ve figured out a few different ways to really make your road trip stand out. Here are four tips to plan the perfect road trip, from your pals here at Poulin Auto Sales.

4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Road Trip

Bring a Paper Map

Yes, we’re aware of GPS. We aren’t even suggesting that you avoid technology altogether. However, depending on how remote you plan on your road trip being, you may struggle to find cell service. Then there’s the fact that using a paper map is actually fun: mark your route, save the map, and enjoy it as a keepsake for years to come.

Road Trips VermontPack a Lunch

It might be tempting to simply slip through the first drive-thru that you see, but why not enjoy a real pack-lunch, wilderness style? Bring plates, bowls and utensils, and stop at a local deli or grocery store to grab supplies. Find a park or rest area, and get to know your location a little better. We promise that Taco Bell is pretty much the same wherever you go.

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Load Up on Apps

Remember when we said that we weren’t totally disavowing technology? Well, we meant it. We suggest putting all the travel-friendly apps on your phone that you can, such as iExit (which shows gas stations, restaurants and more on every upcoming exit) and SitOrSquat, a terrifically-named bathroom finder. We also suggest an app called WiFi Finder, which is precisely what it sounds like it is.

Set Goals for All Involved

Road trips are very rarely solo missions. So, if you’ve got a group on board, make sure to take inventory of what everyone expects to get out of the road trip. If there are specific sights that people would like to see, make sure that everyone knows this, and that time is taken to keep everyone happy. There’s nothing worse than a crabby person on a road trip, trust us.

Now that you’ve stocked up on advice for your perfect summer road trip, the only thing missing is the car to take you there! Click on the button below to see our used inventory, and swing by Poulin Auto Sales to take a test drive!

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