Family sitting in the cargo area of a vehicle while out on the road

How Can I Survive a Road Trip with My Family?

Tips for Getting Along with Your Family on a Road Trip

As much as we love our family, they can get on our nerves once in a while. And when you are in a confined space out on the road, the little annoyances can suddenly feel like a big deal. And after several days, it can take a toll and everyone is trying to not feel resentful. Luckily, we have some tips to help keep the peace. Read the rest of this entry >>

Multi-generation family

Should My Family Share a Couple of Big Suitcases or Each Use Smaller Suitcases for Our Road Trip?

Tips for Packing for a Road Trip

One of the most stressful things about preparing for a family road trip is packing the suitcase and finding out if everyone’s luggage is going to fit in your vehicle. It seems like whenever people go on a road trip, they each bring along the biggest suitcase from their luggage set, fill it up, and still manage to bring along a couple more bags full of stuff. And when there are multiple people traveling in the same vehicle, the cargo space can become jam-packed and disorganized – and even hinder rear visibility. Before heading out on your next road trip, read these tips to make packing that cargo space easier! Read the rest of this entry >>

Orange-tinted photo of steering wheel in a Honda vehicle

How Can I Keep My Car’s Steering Wheel Cool in the Summer?

Keeping a Steering Wheel Cool on a Hot Summer Day

It has been pretty hot for the last few days! Unfortunately, we do have to continue on with life as best as we can and that may include driving. If your car has been sitting out in the heat, you know that it feels like an oven when you get back in it – and the steering wheel is so hot that it hurts to even touch it! Here are some ways to help keep that steering wheel a little cooler. Read the rest of this entry >>

Come to Poulin Auto Sales for a New Pickup Truck for Stargazing!

Used Pickup Trucks for Stargazing in Barre and Colchester, VT

We are now just a few days away from commemorating the 50th anniversary of man stepping foot on the moon. It’s amazing that some of us are old enough to still remember watching the footage on the small TV screens at our parents’ house. That moment certainly was a giant leap for mankind. Since July 20, 1969, technology has come a long way – not only for space exploration, but also for our everyday vehicles. While pickup trucks have certainly evolved and can now do more than ever before, there is one thing that hasn’t changed: the open bed is still the ultimate spot to lay in and gaze up at the sky. Read the rest of this entry >>