Front/side profile of a Toyota Sequoia SUV

Drive into the Spring Season with a Used SUV!

Used SUVs for Sale Near Barre and Colchester, VT

SUVs are often lauded as the ultimate vehicle for winter driving. While we agree with that statement, we think that SUVs are the ultimate vehicle for springtime driving. That SUV will serve you well for both daily commuting and those spring season road trips. And you can save big when you shop for a used SUV here at Poulin Auto Sales! Read the rest of this entry >>

Ford Expedition driving down a highway in the winter

Enjoy Top-Notch Quality and Affordability with a Used Ford from Poulin Auto Sales!

Used Ford Vehicles for Sale in Colchester and Barre, VT

If you love American vehicle brands, Ford is one of the ultimate choices! This brand has been around since 1903, and Henry Ford’s strategy of utilizing the assembly line made his Model T affordable – and put Americans on the move! More than 100 years later, Ford vehicles still offer ultimate quality and are still affordable – especially when purchased used! Read the rest of this entry >>

Vehicle driving down a tree-lined road during the spring

Happy Spring! Are You Ready to Enjoy Healthy and Safe Driving This Season?

Safety and Health Tips for Springtime Driving in Vermont

Today marks the first day of spring and we couldn’t be more excited! While Vermont is famous for its gorgeous winters (which also help with our famous maple syrup production), the state is just as beautiful in the springtime. However, the spring season can bring about a special series of hazards that can impact your driving. Here are some tips to help keep you safe. Read the rest of this entry >>

Illustration of a human head with monitor lines

How Do I Know if I am Having a Stroke While Driving?

Symptoms of a Stroke and What to Do if You are Driving

Here at Poulin Auto Sales, we were saddened to hear the news of actor Luke Perry’s passing due to a massive stroke. While strokes usually occur in older folks, they can happen to anyone. And of course, the last person we expect it to happen to is ourselves, and we usually assume that they will happen in the comfort of our home. Quite the contrary. Strokes can happen anytime, anywhere – including when we are driving our vehicle. To help your survival and the safety of other drivers, we are sharing the symptoms of a stroke and tips on what to do. Read the rest of this entry >>