Why Does Cold Weather Kill Car Batteries Overnight

Why Does Cold Weather Drain my Car Battery?

Nothing is worse than climbing into your cold car in the morning before work only to hear clicking when you turn the key. That clicking sound means your battery is out of juice, and can’t get your car started. Sure, you can call a buddy over to give you a jump, but when you go to start your car the next time, you’ll be back in the same situation. So, why does the cold weather kill your car battery? Read on to find out.   Read the rest of this entry >>

Buying a Car: Financing vs Leasing vs Cash

Getting a new vehicle, even if it’s only new to you, is a big investment. A set of wheels adds a lot of freedom to your life, but also adds costs and comes with a price. So, when you look through your finances, you might be wondering to yourself if it’s better to spend more on a less expensive car without having to take out a loan, finance a newer or nicer car with a monthly payment plan, or lease something. Each choice has its benefits, and we’re here to help you make the call.   Read the rest of this entry >>

Top-Rated Used Cars for Recent College Graduates

When graduation comes and it’s time to head out into the unknown, many college grads face the task of finding a new set of wheels. While a bike may have gotten them from point A to point B on a college campus, a car is incredibly important to graduates looking to make it to interviews and their first day of work on time. Check out these top 4 used cars options for recently graduated students, and get a head start on finding the right transportation for your lifestyle and budget.  Read the rest of this entry >>

tips for preventing winter salt damage

How to Prevent Winter Road Salt Damage to Car Paint

As the cold weather and random snow storms make their way through, the roads can become a slippery and dangerous place to drive. Instead of simply leaving the ice and snow, we put salt down to melt the ice and offer better traction. The bad news is that the same salt that saves lives on busy streets can do some real damage to your vehicle. Check out these easy tips for keeping your car safe from salt damage this winter.   Read the rest of this entry >>