Common Transmission Problems

Five Signs that You Might Have Transmission Trouble

Here’s a hypothetical situation that we truly hope never happens to you: You’re getting ready for your family vacation, and just after you hit the road, you feel something you shouldn’t. “That doesn’t feel right,” mentions a child’s voice from the back. As auto systems go, your transmission will do a better job of letting you know that it’s failing than others might, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Here are five signs of transmission trouble to look for before you head to Poulin Auto Sales. Read the rest of this entry >>

Planning the Perfect Road Trip

4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Road Trip

As most of us are already aware, road-trip season is upon us. Summers in Vermont are absolutely gorgeous, and since we’ve got auto dealerships in both Barre and South Burlington, we know a thing or two about making the most of it. That said, we’ve figured out a few different ways to really make your road trip stand out. Here are four tips to plan the perfect road trip, from your pals here at Poulin Auto Sales. Read the rest of this entry >>

Memorial Day Events South Burlington VT

Get Involved with these Memorial Day Events near South Burlington and Barre, VT!

For those of us who always keep one eye on our calendars, the soon arrival of Memorial Day in our area certainly signals the beginning of summer. Of course, it’s also a show of reverence for the men and women who have died in the service of our country, so it often makes for an exciting local calendar. But which events should you pick for 2016? Here are a few Memorial Day events near Burlington and Barre, VT for you to consider this year! Read the rest of this entry >>