Used Crossover SUV with AWD in Barre, VT

There is nothing quite like a New England winter. And that’s assuming we’re not dealing with the effects of a nor’ easter. You’ll definitely want to make sure that you’re prepared with the right vehicle. Poulin Auto Sales offers several affordable options for people looking for a used crossover SUV with AWD in Barre, VT. Our particular inventory of vehicles fitting that description is made up of some of the most popular automakers in the United States and in an array of price points so that people can find something that will fit their budget. Potential customers will want to schedule an appointment with a Poulin Auto Sales product expert today by calling 802-476-8159.

Why are crossover SUVs good in snow?

Crossover SUVs have become the dominant vehicle platform in the United States for a wide variety of reasons. Vehicle buyers in our area have gravitated to crossover SUVs because of the foul-weather driving capability. When it comes to dealing with snow-covered roads, ground clearance is the name of the game. A crossover SUV will offer a taller ride height versus a comparable sedan. That will help the driver drive over the snow without too much building up against the front bumper or in the wheel wells. Additionally, if a crossover SUV were to slide off the road it will have a better chance of being able to crawl out of trouble.

How does all-wheel drive work?

Just like its name implies, all-wheel-drive means that all four of the vehicle’s wheels will be turning at the same time. Naturally, when all four wheels are pushing a vehicle, that vehicle will offer more traction on slippery surfaces that its two-wheel-drive counterparts. Most modern all-wheel-drive systems have the ability to send more power to an individual wheel that might be slipping. Also, there are a couple of all-wheel-drive versions available, full- and part-time.

A crossover SUV with full-time all-wheel drive will always have all of its wheels turning. The downside to this is that it might eat into a vehicle’s fuel economy scores. Part-time all-wheel drive iterations can selectively turn the system on and off as needed. This can be initiated by the driver or automatically.